Bioinformatic Analyses

We perform custom analysis of biological data to help you answer your research question(s).

RNA sequencing data analysis

RNA sequencing data analysis brings to light the intricate mechanisms of gene regulation.

Transcriptome-wide analyses of gene expression are extremely popular among researchers studying gene regulation in biological systems ranging from single cells to tissues and complex microbiomes. RNA-seq data allows for a wide range of analyses to address countless research questions across the fields of biology and biomedicine.

We have experience in RNA-seq analyses across various models, conditions and organisms.

SciLicium RNA-seq analysis
SciLicium metagenomics


Metagenomics make it possible to investigate microbes in their natural environments, the complex communities in which they normally live

Metagenomics approaches are becoming increasingly popular in large-scale genomics applications as a way to study the taxonomic and functional composition of microbial communities from environmental, agricultural, and clinical settings.

Custom data analysis

Together, we tailor computational and statistical needs for your project.

We help you to develop the software you need for your data and streamline the process. We structure and analyse your data using the latest bioinformatics methodologies. Whether your question is differential gene expression or development of machine learning models, we provide the service for you.

SciLicium Custom analysis
SciLicium toxicogenomics


Enable early safety assessment in discovery toxicology using high-throughput targeted gene expression

Our experimental designs for toxicogenomic studies employ dose-response studies — from human-relevant levels to exposure levels used in regulatory studies — with a focus on identifying NOEL and benchmark doses useful in risk assessments and determining thresholds of toxicological concern.

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