About SciLicium

SciLicium is a young company from Rennes whose prequel was designed by Thomas Darde. The concept essence/basis of SciLicium is to rethink bioinformatics in order to reduce the "gap" between people capable of analyzing data and those capable of interpreting them. SciLicium must be on a human scale and thus (to use its recognized expertise in the data analysis multi-omics field while remaining close to its customers) make sure its customers could benefit from their recognized expertise in multi-omics data analysis while remaining close to them.

Who is behind SciLicium?

Thomas Darde Photo

Thomas Darde

Founder of SciLcium

SciLicium was created in 2020 by Doctor Thomas Darde. Over the past few years, he has been called upon to work on multi-technological genomics data (DNA chip, 3 'sequencing, Single-cell) on which he has been able to apply various methods of multivariate exploratory analysis (PCA , FMA, clustering) but also machine learning (Machine and Deep Learning).

His appetite for web technologies and data visualization led him to develop during his thesis (on the identification and classification of reprotoxic compounds by predictive toxicogenomic approaches) two tools for visualization and data repository ( The Reprogenomics Viewer and The TOXicogenomic sIgNature (TOXsIgN) ).

At the same time, he is developing an interest in the automation of analyzes via dedicated frameworks such as Snakemake and containerization and virtualization technologies (Docker / Conda).

After his post-doc Thomas, takes on the role of research and development in the Start-up Nahibu (marketing a gut microbiota analysis kit for the general public). With this experience, he enriched his capacities by analyzing metagenomics data, developing customer-oriented web solutions and best practices in IT development.