Bioinformatics As A Service

Computational biology to turn your data into insights and create a solution like no other

Bioinformatics as a service

The concept of SciLicium is to rethink bioinformatics in order to reduce the “gap” between people capable of analysing data and those capable of interpreting them.

SciLicium’s human scale allows its customers to benefit from recognized expertise in multi-omics data analysis and close interactions with specialists.

Bioinformatics experts

Expert team in bioinformatics


Our experts are highly skilled in data analysis, visualization and interpretation. Furthermore, our team is very experienced in developing custom analysis solutions in the areas of pipeline development, optimization, automation, etc. We apply the highest industry standards in information technology to your needs in computational biology.

Analysis of large biological datasets

Custom analysis pipelines

We tailor computational and statistical needs for your project together. We help you to develop the software you need for your data and streamline the process.


We structure and analyse your data using the latest bioinformatics methodologies. Whether your question is differential gene expression or development of machine learning models, we provide the service for you.

Deliver results

Goals are defined before each project starts. We deliver results to you in the format you prefer, for example Excel tables, Illustrator-friendly vector graphics, or even ASCII tables. We help you write methods and generate graphics.

SciLicium RNA-seq analysis

RNA-sequencing data

The bioinformatic analysis of RNA-Sequencing data (Bulk RNA-seq, Single-cell, DGE-seq) quantifies  gene and pathway expression levels, providing insights into the physiology of a tissue or organism.


Our innovative metagenomics pipeline, which complements those of genomics, transcriptomics and epigenomics, is designed to work with both data obtained using shotgun protocols and with selective amplifications (sequencing of 16S, sequencing of 18S, etc.).

SciLicium metagenomics
SciLicium Custom analysis

Custom data analysis


We offer tailored bioinformatic pipelines to fit your data analysis needs. Just contact us to discuss your specific research questions.


SciLicium toxicogenomics studies are a powerful tool for the safety assessment of pre-clinical candidates, as well as novel small molecule and commodity chemicals.

Our experimental designs for toxicogenomic studies employ dose-response studies — from human-relevant levels to exposure levels used in regulatory studies — with a focus on identifying NOEL and benchmark doses useful in risk assessments and determining thresholds of toxicological concern.

SciLicium toxicogenomics

How we work

We adopted the Agile methodology to Life Science projects, accelerating the delivery of business value. Through a process of continuous planning and feedback we are able to constantly maximize value throughout the research or development process.

What our clients say

Every time, SciLicium efficiently provided us with detailed reports, figures, quality control, data normalization as well as meaningful analyses which accompanied us throughout our research projects. Thanks to SciLicium we saved time and we stayed focus on our biological questions.

Frédéric Chalmel

Research Director (DR2 Inserm) , Research Institute for Environmental and Occupational Health (Irset)

For our latest RNA-sequencing project, I used SciLicium for their sequencing-bioinformatics package deal. SciLicium delivered top-quality services and data that were easily accessible in a short space of time. Highly recommended.

Assoc. Prof. Terje Svingen

Head of Research Group National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark

My appreciation in two words for the studies contracted by Biopredic and Eurosafe? Professionalism, with good before-sale advice and perfect and on-time execution. Smartness, with cost-effective and reliable up to date solutions

Christophe Chesné

Founder, Wepredic group

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