SciLicium and INSERM Transfert join forces to promote TOXsIgN

Written by tdarde

December 26, 2023

SciLicium acquires TOXsIgN

SciLicium acquires the TOXsIgN database. This is an important milestone in our partnership with INSERM and Dr Frédéric Chalmel. This initiative marks a major turning point in our commitment to scientific research and technological innovation.

What is TOXsIgN?

TOXsIgN is a database designed to centralise information on toxicogenomic signatures. It enables researchers to access and analyse essential data on the toxic effects of different compounds on biological systems. Crucial for research in toxicology, pharmacology and personalised medicine, TOXsIgN is an invaluable tool for understanding the mechanisms of action of toxins and drugs and their impact on human health. The IRSET Institute published TOXsIgN in 2019 (

Home page screenshot of TOXsIgN database
Home page of TOXsIgN:

SciLicium’s mission

At SciLicium, we are determined to realise the full potential of TOXsIgN. Our mission is threefold:

Maintenance and Enhancement: We will ensure the ongoing maintenance of TOXsIgN, while integrating technological improvements to make the platform more accessible and user-friendly for researchers worldwide.

Promotion and awareness: We will actively promote TOXsIgN to the scientific community, highlighting its importance and applications in toxicogenomic research.

Strategic use in our services: TOXsIgN will play a key role in our toxicogenomic services, helping to prioritise and predict adverse effects of compounds. This integration will strengthen our ability to provide more accurate analyses and advanced solutions for compound safety and efficacy.

Impact and future

This acquisition represents a step forward not only for SciLicium, but also for the research community in general. By making TOXsIgN more accessible and enriching it with new data and functionalities, we hope to stimulate innovative discoveries in several areas of science. Our long-term vision is to make TOXsIgN a cornerstone of toxicogenomic research, contributing to significant advances in the understanding of interactions between chemicals and biological systems.

Join us in this exciting adventure! We invite you to explore TOXsIgN (, follow future developments on our website and social networks, and join us in this exciting quest for discovery and innovation.

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