Bioinformatics as a service

Our service is designed for scientists who want easy access to just the right kind of bioinformatics expertise.

Our vision and mission

Our goal with Bioinformatics-as-a-Service (BaaS) is to help our clients do cutting-edge bioinformatics data analysis without a significant investment in laboratory personnel. Next-generation sequencing has fundamentally revolutionized biological and medical sciences. A sequencing/microarray data analysis project requires careful planning, seasoned methodology, and concise reporting. SciLicium is an expert company offering comprehensive bioinformatics solutions in all aspects of sequencing and microarray. We provide data analysis services for data generated by a wide range of sequencing/microarray platforms. We use the cutting-edge bioinformatics algorithms and pipeline, and provide you with high-quality and ready-for-publication figures.

Reliable, Secure, Organised.

Our bioinformatic staff consists of PhD-level scientists trained in computer languages, statistics, bioinformatics, genetics, and genomics. The software infrastructure for analysis is a combination of custom-built and open-source software. Our bioinformatics services take your raw next/third generation data and provide you with comprehensive figures customized to your research purposes as well as personalized data interpretation support. SciLicium’s full range of bioinformatics services can be an ideal solution for you.

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