Data analysis workflows

What is an analysis workflow?

A bioinformatics workflow is a commonly accepted term in the scientific community to describe a succession of automatic signal processing through a chain of software and algorithms. It is used in many fields/areas, including genomics, for the analysis of genes and their functions. The use of an analysis pipeline makes it possible to automate the analysis of complex data, save time, and increase the reproducibility of the study while being flexible enough to adapt to your project needs.

Tailor-made workflows

Tailor-made workflows

Through the various projects carried out by SciLicium, several analysis workflows (transcriptomics, metagenomics) have been set up and adapted to answer your scientific questions. SciLcium uses the workflow editing standards (Snakemake, Nextflow, CWL) to offer analysis stability over time.

All our workflows are developed or adapted to your data and your research question.

All our workflows are delivered via a dedicated environment (or container) and deployed on your workstation (or cluster).

We train you in the use of the workflow and provide written instructions for its use.

Along your analytics workflow, we provide you with 6 month maintenance including bug fixes, updates and customer support.

Need an analysis workflow?