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SciLicium expertise

SciLicium expertise

Our experience in project writing, a wide range of sequencing technologies (DNA chips, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, single-cell RNA-seq, 5 'or 3' RNA-seq, metagenomics,. ..), in the management of data and their analysis, makes SciLicium the perfect partner for your projects.


SciLicium can advise you , support or put you in touch with its network in order to meet the needs of the different parts of your scientific projects.

  • Project writing assistance

    Writing grant applications is an essential part of any scientific research project. As a bioinformatics consultant, SciLicium is experienced in this field and brings you the necessary expertise for your large-scale omics projects.

  • Experimental design

    With its experience in a wide range of technologies, SciLicium can advise you on the optimal experimental and sequencing strategy to choose to acquire the genomics data set necessary for your project.

  • Sequencing

    Over the years, SciLicium has created an international network of collaborators and makes it available to you for your sequencing project.

  • Data management and analysis

    SciLicium can get involved at different levels of your analysis. As an advisor in defining your data analysis or management strategy. But also more actively in [analyzing your data] ( and/or [setting up pipelines and web tools] (

  • Manuscript writing assistance

    Consolidate the bioinformatics / -statistics part of your manuscripts. SciLicium helps you in writing publications (materials & methods, results, figures) and in responding to reviewers of your paper.

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