Introduction to bioinformatics

Learn the basics of bioinformatics with our training modules. Explore the concepts and tools needed to understand, analyze, and interpret sequencing data. SciLicium offers various modules to help you achieve your goals:

  • Working environments
    • Unix environment
    • Cluster
  • Programming language
    • Python
    • R
  • Analysis of genomic data
    • 3 'transcriptomic data (normalization, alignment, quantification, exploratory analysis - Python, R, Star, Bwa, ...)
    • Single-cell data (data preprocessing, detection, and identification of cell subpopulations - R, Serrat, Monocle, Star)
    • Predictive analysis from multi-omics data (Python, Keras, Scikit-learn)
  • Creation of analysis workflows
    • Snakemake
    • Galaxy
  • Web development
    • Web application (Python - Django)
    • Containerized deployment (Docker)

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