Multi-omics data analysis

Basic, Standard, or Advanced, it's up to you to choose and customize the analysis that will suit your project.

SciLicium's experience in omics data processing and analysis allows us to offer you different benefits on a wide range of technologies (DNA chips, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, single-cell RNA-seq, 5 'or 3' RNA-seq, metagenomics, ...) to answer your scientific questions.

Basic analysis

Basic analysis

The first level of SciLicium involvement. You have massive omics data and want to explore it as quickly as possible without wasting time on stages such as standardization, quality control. SciLicium can take care of your data preprocessing with standardized and adapted procedures. This essential passage/phase will allow you to ensure both the sequencing quality and the samples quality before starting long and tedious analysis steps. The basic analysis includes three successive steps:

  • Quality control before standardization:
    • Quality of sequencing data
    • Distribution of reads
    • Genes detected
  • Data normalization:
    • Normalization and standardization of data
    • Correction of possible batch effects
  • Quality control after standardization:
    • Principal component analysis of samples
    • Correlation between samples
Standard analysis

Standard analysis

The second level of SciLicium involvement in your project, the standard analysis of your results - After having ensured the high quality of your data, you will want to get to the heart of the matter and answer some of your questions/start your analysis. Unfortunately, you don't have the bioinformatics and biostatistics skills to answer your questions. SciLicium has all the expertise to offer you appropriate statistical analyzes that will allow you to identify events of interest (such as differentially expressed genes, the search for markers of cell subpopulations, or the identification of markers of cell populations), to classify these events and to identify biological functions statistically associated with these observations (functional analysis).

Advanced analysis

Advanced analysis

The last level of SciLicium involvement in your project, advanced analysis. Here you are not just looking for a service that will allow you to analyze your data, but a much closer/deeper involvement of SciLicium in the exploration and interpretation of your results. SciLicium can then use a whole battery of exploratory statistical approaches (multivariate analyzes (PCA, ACM, AFM)), predictive models based on * Machine Learning / Deep Learning * (SVM, PLS, Random Forest, neural networks), multi-omics integration to extract the core substance of your data including, in particular, additional information (clinical, therapeutic, etc ...).

Need a personalized analysis?

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